At Lookaway Golf Club we strive to provide our members a pure golf experience.  We believe that walking our golf course with a knowledgeable caddie enhances this golf experience. Rees Jones specially designed Lookaway as a course that members will fully appreciate walking, to honor his design, Lookaway sustains a well-regarded caddy program for Members and their guests.

To arrange your caddie, please contact Caddie Master, Chris McCardell.

Caddie Fees vary based on level of experience and performance expectation as outlined below:

Caddie Category

Performance Expectations

Fee per Bag

Recommended Payment


Carry bag, rake bunkers, read greens, determine club selection (if requested), determine yardage, replace divots, clean clubs and ball.


$38 - $80 +


Carry bag, rake bunkers, determine yardage, replace  divots, clean clubs, and ball.


$34 - $60 +


Caddie experience is minimal; they will carry your bag, rake bunkers, maintain ball and clubs


$24 - $40 +


Caddie who is stationed in the fairway and indicates ball location on the course


$20 - $40 +

Club charge is recommended for Caddie Fees.  Partners and Non-Partners may directly pay caddies cash.