Lookaway Handicap Committee Information

The USGA Handicap System is designed to enable any player, anywhere in the world, to compete or play a casual round with any other player(s) on a fair and equal basis. Achieving this objective requires that all clubs operate in compliance with the system and that all players follow the Rules of Handicapping. Lookaway, and other clubs, must be annually certified to continue using the Handicap System and for its members to be eligible for participation in any events where handicaps are used.

One USGA requirement is that Lookaway have a handicap committee, which is responsible for all aspects of the USGA Handicap System at the club. Its functions include: educating and communicating the Rules of Handicapping to members; monitoring the system to ensure that all eligible scores are correctly recorded on a timely basis; performing regular assessments to ensure that player handicaps accurately reflect current playing ability; investigating individual handicap-related questions as needed; and taking appropriate action, when required, in accordance with USGA guidelines. The committee is guided in their mission by the USGA Handicap Committee Guide.

Each individual player also has responsibilities within the system. These include:
- playing by the Rules of Golf
- attempting to make the best score possible on each hole played
- following the Rules of Handicapping
- refraining from using or circumventing the rules to gain an unfair advantage
- submitting all acceptable scores for handicap purposes on the day the round is played

There are multiple ways for players to submit scores including using the USGA GHIN app, through the Lookaway website or on the locker room computers.  Note that scores for any Lookaway event, where Golf Genius is used, are automatically uploaded for recording by the Pro Shop, including official weekend "games" (assuming you turn in your scorecards).

"Acceptable scores" are those from any round in which you played your own ball, and you were not alone, including better-ball, best-ball, and match play; not acceptable are scores from scrambles, selectdrive, alternate-shot, or non-regulation play such as limited-clubs. Even if you only play 9 holes, scores should be recorded. Before recording, individual hole scores must be adjusted to net double-bogey max (double bogey plus whatever handicap strokes you are entitled to on that hole) where appropriate. If you picked up before holing out, you should record your most-likely score up to your handicap max (see Rule 3.3 of the Rules of Handicapping). Incomplete rounds should be recorded as 9-hole (if you play at least 7 holes) or 18-hole (if you play at least 14 holes); unplayed holes are scored as net par (par plus whatever handicap strokes you are entitled to on that hole). Finally, scores at Lookaway and other courses in our area are only "acceptable" if played between April 1st and November 15th (active season). However, if you golf further south, such as in Florida, rounds need to be recorded year-round. Regardless of how many courses you frequent, you should only have one GHIN number.

The USGA offers numerous on-line resources for anyone seeking more information or clarification with respect to the Rules of Handicapping. In addition, we have established an anonymous submission form below to facilitate communication with the committee or you can send an email to handicapfeedback@lookawaygolf.com.  And, of course, the experts in Lookaway's Pro Shop are always available to assist and answer questions.

Finally, the 2021 Lookaway Handicap Committee consists of Tim Kiorpes (chair), Steve French, and Drew Lockhart, with Laura Manchester (Golf Committee chair) and Michael Little as advisors, and can answer questions about how the USGA Handicap System is being implemented at Lookaway.

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