Frequently Asked Questions


In 1994, when the Lookaway Golf Club was conceived, Bucks County had long been in need of a top quality club with limited membership and a golf-only focus. While other private clubs in the area offer golf and other amenities, many of them have large memberships and carry substantial overhead to support activities other than golf. In contrast, Lookaway offers a championship course and has only 229 limited partners. This ensures that Lookaway partners have the opportunity to play often and quickly without having to carry the financial burdens of a large clubhouse or extensive food service program.

Lookaway’s limited partners have an ownership interest in the Club and its assets. Each has a vested interest in maintaining the quality of the Club.


The golf course was designed by world-renowned golf course architect Rees Jones. The son of Robert Trent Jones, Rees has designed many of the prominent golf courses in the United States and abroad. He is known as the “Open Doctor’ for his redesign of courses in preparation for major championships. His skills have been applied to US Open Venues, PGA Champion courses, Ryder Cup and Walker Cup sites.

Lookaway has four principal tee locations for members to choose the level of challenge they want. From the black tees the course plays to approximately 7000 yards with a slope of 144. From the blue tees the course plays to about 6500 yards with a 140 slope. From the silver tees it plays to approximately 6000 yards with a 133 slope. From the gold tees it plays to approximately 5200 yards with a 124 slope. For added variety, course rated mixes of black/blue, blue/silver and silver/gold tees provide different looks for each hole.

The fairways and greens are made of the most advanced strains of Pennlinks bent grass. The rough is planted with a mixture of bluegrass and tall fescue. The course is supported by a triple-line computerized irrigation/fertigation system.

The Club has a dedicated multi-green practice facility to hone your short game. It also features a driving range, chipping area and putting green located in close proximity to the Clubhouse. A newly opened Indoor Training Facility is outfitted with two training bays and indoor putting green.  During the winter months our Members may use this facility to simply practice, take lessons with our Pro Staff, be fitted for new clubs or virtually golf the Lookaway Course.

The Club averages 15,000 rounds per year. In comparison, the number of rounds played at clubs with larger memberships can approach 35,000 or more. The limited number of rounds supports our flexible tee reservations approach and we only require tee reservations to maintain an efficient first tee.

The Club believes that a quality maintenance program is the one common element found at all great golf course facilities. Rees Jones clearly agrees. In his design contract he insisted that he have the right to select the Course Superintendent for Lookaway. David Renk came to us from Pine Valley. Dave was the Club’s Superintendent during its construction phase and has continued in that capacity since the Club opened for play in 1999. As a result of Dave’s dedication, knowledge, experience and golf course management skills, Lookaway’s maintenance program rivals those of the best courses in the Philadelphia region.


Our clubhouse can best be described as ‘Bucks County informal’, warm and inviting. When refurbishing the buildings, which comprised the historic Lookaway farmstead, the Club was careful to capture and preserve the charm of the existing stone structures. Our clubhouse is recognized by the USGA as the oldest in the United States because its designer incorporated the original manor house, built in 1752. Along with the milk house, the manor house was incorporated into the main clubhouse facility. The clubhouse features indoor and outdoor dining facilities, a bar and grillroom and additional rooms for private dining, including the founders’ room with its walk-in fireplace and our men’s and ladies’ locker rooms. The locker rooms each boast comfortable lounge areas. Our golf shop operates in the former carriage house. A new stone building accommodates the caddie shop and club storage facility.

The Club offers a lunch, bar menu and an a la carte dinner menu Tuesday- Sunday during our supported play months.  Throughout the year, we have various theme nights, special event dinners and holiday brunch. One or two times a month a special Saturday night dinner is scheduled for members and their guests. A member can host a business luncheon, dinner or a special event, such as a wedding reception, as long as the partner is a participant in the event. We routinely provide services for large groups and smaller groups in our multiple other private dining areas. You will find Lookaway to be a superb venue for almost any affair you wish to host. All such events must be sponsored by a partner. We allow no outside functions.


Lookaway has only 229 limited partnership units with 46 non-equity members for a total golf roster of 275 golfing memberships.  The limited partnership agreement requires a two-thirds vote of the limited partners to increase that number. We encourage families to be a part of the Lookaway experience and have developed a family extension program for children who exceed the age of 25 who wish to remain a part of the Club.

No. All applicants must first be approved for partnership by the Board of Directors of the Club. New limited partners must meet applicable requirements of our Regulation A Offering Statement and the criteria established in the Club’s limited partnership agreement. Applicants must agree to be bound by that agreement. These requirements are explained in detail during the partnership application process.

Corporate Memberships are not available at this time.  Please speak with the Membership Sales Director for current Membership options.

Our women’s golfing program and our juniors program have grown each year. The emphasis at Lookaway is on golf, and everyone, regardless of skill level, is encouraged to play and take advantage of Lookaway’s special opportunities. The breadth of the golfing programs include participation in the events of the Golf Association of Philadelphia (GAP) by both the men’s and women’s golf teams, intra-club competitions for Lookaway’s men, women and juniors; and lessons opportunities for improvement of the game for members and their families.

No. The Club was built for the partners and their families. The club does not seek outings or other similar events. Partners may, however, sponsor friends or other family members for an event provided they attend the event.

Guests are welcome provided that they are accompanied by a partner.


The Club offers both family and individual dues packages to Partners. The Membership Committee will provide you with our current dues schedule. Our annual dues cover lockers, club storage, handicap maintenance and range balls. These services are often not included in the dues structure at other clubs. The only costs not included in the annual dues are food, beverages, caddies, carts, pro shop purchases and golf lessons.

Yes. A food minimum and utilization schedule is established and announced each year by the Club. The food minimum applies to all food purchased at the Club, including the halfway house. Special event food purchases are not credited to the food minimum.

The cost to purchase a limited partnership unit will fluctuate based on demand. The Board of Directors establishes a purchase price as needed.

The Club maintains a list of limited partners who are interested in selling their limited partnership unit; and a list of qualified buyers interested in purchasing a limited partnership unit. The details of the buy/sell process will be explained to a prospective purchaser by the Membership Committee.

No. All sales must be processed through the Club Treasurer in accordance with terms and conditions of the bid/offer system established by the Club.

Yes. The Club retains the right to assess partners, including all corporate members and their designees, for their pro-rata share of any operating losses. A majority vote of the limited partners is required before a capital assessment can be levied.