Thank you for your interest in Lookaway Golf Club. We believe the Founders of our Club created a very special golf environment here in the heart of Bucks County and on the site of the original Lookaway Dairy Farm. We hope that the information contained throughout our website will help you understand what we have come to love about our golf club and the Lookaway golf experience. 

Lookaway is an equity club, meaning each member is a part owner of the Club. The membership / purchase process is managed by our Director of Membership & Marketing in conjunction with our Membership Committee. If you are interested and would like further information, please contact Kristen George at 215-794-5727 or complete the inquiry form on this page. 

The membership process is simply navigated, opening with a conversation with Kristen George reviewing general membership information with an immediate follow-up via e-mail outlining the pertinent discussion points.  Should you desire to move further along, a tour and visit is arranged.  The Membership Committee ultimately reviews your application and presents it to the Board of Directors for final approval. 

Again, thank you for your interest in Lookaway and we trust that you will find a limited, friendly membership, full access to a championship golf course, two outstanding and distinct areas to practice and hone your craft, no tee times, a gender friendly tee, an active caddie program, great food and beverage all taking place on over 230 acres of historic and panoramic, quintessential Bucks County landscape.  It all starts with interest from you in Lookaway Golf Club; one of Golf Digest's Top Rated Courses in Pennsylvania and the only top rated course in Bucks County.


Mark Magno
Membership Chairman

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